2017.08.16 Piotr Pietrasina

Driver card readers

Fast and efficient driver card reading

The readers available in our offer will allow smooth, trouble-free and seamless transmission of data stored on the card. Loading of driver cards is a problematic task for many transport companies. It requires transferring them to the computer and their thorough analysis. A modern driver card reader may improve this task. The models that we are able to provide work seamlessly with state-of-the-art software for transport companies – TachoScan®.

So the presented devices will undoubtedly significantly improve the efficiency of daily work. They will also allow you to archive any data efficiently and in an organized manner. The operation of our equipment is fully compliant with the formal and legal requirements related to the working time record management.


With the TachoReader® driver card reader you can read any driver card, downloading the data directly to a computer (via a USB port), where they will be analysed and archived.

Additional software is required to be able to read data from a driver card using TachReader.

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