What is Tachoscan Driver?

It’s a software created by Inelo for truck driver’s individual use. It allows driver to read his tachograph card and based on the this reading  presents his infringements from the last 28 days. Driver is also informed about the remaining driving time and required rest he has to take.

Why it is important for truck driver to use Tachoscan Driver?

Driver gets all the required information literally in just 3 clicks. For truck driver being aware of his infringements and ramaining working time allows him to better understand driver’s hours rules and avoid potential penalties from road inspection in the future. This can save his own money and increase his reputation in the eyes of his employer.

Is the infringement analysis in Tachoscan Driver reliable?

Tachoscan Driver is equiped with exactly the same most advanced infringement analysis engine that is used by road inspectors’ software in pean countries. It is also the same analysis engine that is used by over 10 000 transport companies around Europe.

How Tachoscan Driver Dispatcher works?

After downloading data from the driver card Tachoscan Driver Dispatcher automatically displays working time information, such as:

  • continuous driving time between intervals,
  • daily driving time,
  • weekly and fortnightly driving time,
  • information on rest times that are indispensable for drivers.

In another window all driver’s infringements from the last 29 days are presented.

Finally, in the last window the company receives more information about:

  • How much uninterrupted: daily/ weekly and fortnightly driving time a driver has left
  • How many daily driving time extensions to 10 hours are still available for the driver
  • How much working time is still available for the driver before he has to start the daily or weekly rest
  • How many 9-hour reduced daily rests a driver is allowed to take (not applicable to a crew)
  • How much time the driver still needs to fulfil a correct 15/ 30 or 45-minute break
  • How much time the driver still needs to fulfil a correct 9 or 11-hour daily rest
  • How much time the driver still needs to fulfil a correct 24 or 45-hour weekly rest

What are the requirements to install Tachoscan Driver Dispatcher?

Stationary or portable computer running on Windows OS ( XP or newer). Full installation of Tachoscan Driver Dispatcher takes about 5 minutes and the software is ready to use.

Is there any support available?

The customer receives help from Inelo’s local distributor. Inelo also provides on-line and telephone customer service assistance.

How to buy Tachoscan Driver?

Contact your local distributor  or email:

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