2018.07.09 Piotr Pietrasina


Choose the best data retrieval device.

Inelo creates and delivers state-of-the-art equipment for data retrieval from both tachographs and driver cards.

We offer top class solutions for fast and intuitive data download from driver’s cards and digital tachographs. Our devices are compatible with any digital tachographs available in the market and will work seamlessly with TachoScan – the latest software for trucking companies.

Select the best devices to read data from your tachographs and driver’s cards:

TachoReader Combo Plus

Our state-of the art, intuitive device for fast download of information from digital tachographs and driver’s cards (2 in 1), and all this in strict compliance with the regulations in force.

TachoReader Basic

Our intuitive device for fast data downloads from digital tachographs which works with all the tachograph models currently available in the market.

TachoBlue II

Our state of the art device allowing for fast, remote data download from digital tachographs thanks to the Bluetooth® technology.

Tacho USB

Cable for reading tachograph data allowing for direct data download from a digital tachograph to your laptop.


Driver card readers allow you to read, analyze, and archive data on driver cards.

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