The Slovenian Customs Chamber will inspect drivers with TachoScan Control

Following the example of the Road Transport Inspection and the Police, another Slovenian institution – the Customs Chamber – decided to conduct drivers’ checks using TachoScan Control software. It is already the 32nd European enforcement authority, which, by choosing our software, has confirmed its functionality and reliability. 

Before starting the inspections, INELO experts will conduct a comprehensive training on using the software for Customs Chamber inspectors. During the workshop, all TachoScan Control functions will be presented in theory and in practical examples. Trainers will also answer any questions the participants may have. The skills acquired during the training will ensure maximum use of the TachoScan Control software capabilities in the inspectors

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Based on the information published on the website of the Czech Labour Inspectorate -> link – employees posted to work in the Czech Republic should carry a translated employment contract and A1 certificate. This obligation also applies to mobile workers, including road hauliers. The absence of a contract in the vehicle may result in the labour inspectorates authorities imposing a fine of up to CZK 500,000 (approx. EUR 19 327) on the haulier. However, please remember that this obligation applies as from 1 April 2017. According to our information, so far no transport company has been fined on account of missing employment contract

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Italy – changes in applications and documentation

In Italy, amendments to Legislative Decree No. 136 of 17 July 2016, which sets out the obligations of foreign employers posting workers to work in Italy, were published. As of 24 June 2017, the following rules were changed: Application of the drivers once a quarter (3 months). So far, each entry to Italy (in the case of cabotage) required a separate declaration. Currently, applications can be made once a quarter, regardless of the number of operations in the territory of Italy that the driver is to perform in that time.   We remind you that the minimum wage for drivers in Italy, together with the obligation to declare and retain documents, is valid only for cabotage operations. Documents required to

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