Our business cooperation requires processing of your personal data. In order to assure transparency of and compliance with applicable personal data protection laws, we enclose short information on how we process your data:

1. Data Controller and Data Protection Inspector

Inelo Polska Sp. z o.o. with a registered office at Bielsku-Białej 43-300, ul. Karpacka 24/U2b is the Data Controller of your personal data. We have appointed our own Data Protection Inspector who can be contacted by regular mail at: Data Protection Inspector, (address) Karpacka 24/U2b, 43-300 Bielsko-Biała, or by e-mail:

2. Types, Purpose, and Legal Grounds for Processing Personal Data

We can process your personal data for the following business reasons:
  • Communication pertaining to products, services, and projects, e.g. to answer our customers’ questions.
  • Originating, managing, and maintaining business relations with our customers, for example when handling shipping and delivering orders for products or services, payment processing, and accounting records.
  • Performing customer satisfaction surveys, marketing campaigns, market analyses, competitions, and other promotional activities.
  • Monitoring accounts receivable, pursuing and defending any claims with respect to cooperation,
  • Monitoring compliance with laws (such as keeping financial and accounting records).).
We may process the following types of personal data for the above listed purposes:
  • Name / first name and surname, name of organization or service,
  • ID code (e.g. customer / supplier code),
  • Address and contact data (e.g. street, bldg. #, ZIP code, e-mail address, telephone),
  • Other identification data (TIN (NIP), Business Statistical Number REGON, business registration number, ID card number or personal ID number PESEL),
  • Bank information (e.g. account number, name of bank),
  • Organizational information (such as position / job, supervisor),
  • Basic information from contracts and agreements (e.g. date contract concluded, agreement number, subject of the agreement, term of contract, value or price of the agreement, terms and conditions of contract performance, specific characteristics of the goods),
  • Information on shipments and consignments,
  • Numbers, dates, value, and specifications of invoices and other financial and accounting documents.
Processing personal data is necessary to carry out the above listed objectives, including contract performance or pre-contract and business introductory work. We process your personal data in line with Art. 6 section. 1.a) (with your consent) or Art. 6 section 1. b) or f) of the General Personal Data Protection Regulation, that means whenever:
  • Processing is required for performance of an agreement / contract with data subjects or for performing work which precedes conclusion of a contract;
  • Processing is required for purposes arising out of legally justified interests of the Data Controller or any third party.

3. Access to Personal Data

We may allow the following entities access to your personal data for justified purposes only:
  • Cooperating entities when access is necessary for proper operation or contract performance of the requesting entity,
  • Other entities when we are required to do so under, for instance, a valid court order or provisions of law,
  • Other entities, upon the consent of the respective data subject(s),
  • Service providers who process such data exclusively upon our instruction and who are contract-bound to protect the data entrusted to them.

4. Data Retention Period

We will expunge your personal data from our system if further retaining them is no longer required for the original purpose(s) for which we first collected them and when the law no longer requires keeping them (e.g. tax laws) or if claims stemming from any concluded agreements have become statute-barred.

5. Recording of phone calls

Recording of phone calls is used to improve the quality and reliability of handling your affairs. The legal basis for processing your personal data by recording telephone calls is Art. 6 clause 1 letter f of GDPR (processing is necessary for the purposes of the legitimate interests pursued by the controller or by a third party). Records from recorded telephone calls will be stored depending on the size of the saved data, in practice until overwritten, not longer, however, than for the period of time necessary to secure the claims. Records from recorded telephone calls may be made available to bodies authorized to receive them under the provisions of applicable law or entities providing legal assistance to the Controller.

6. Facebook

Communicating with the Controller via Facebook or liking the Controller’s fanpage shall be considered transferring data to a third country due to the fact that the social networking site itself is run by Facebook Inc. based in the USA. The owner of Facebook, who is also the recipient of the personal data, processes the data as a separate controller on its own terms set out in its own privacy policy available at: Facebook is EU-US-Privacy Shield certified. The European Commission recognizes that the companies holding such a certificate meet the adequate level of data protection criterion. The legal basis for processing personal data as a result of liking the Controller’s Fanpage or communicating with the Controller via Facebook is the legitimate interest pursued by the Controller. In this way, the Controller implements its goals such as: promoting the brand by publishing information about current events or promotions, as well as informing users about its activity on an ongoing basis, which allows building and maintaining the community associated with the Controller. The data storage period criterion may be determined by: the removal of the content by the author, objection to processing, time needed to answer the question asked via the site. Facebook, as a separate controller, defines its own data storage criteria. The catalogue of rights indicated by the Controller in the information clause is the same as the catalogue of rights of the person communicating with the Controller via Facebook. The Controller does not operate any profiling or automatic decision-making process. Providing data on liking the Controller’s Fanpage or communicating with the Controller via Facebook is voluntary. At the same time, failure to provide the data will result in the inability to browse the Controller’s Fanpage, leave comments or messages on the Fanpage.

7. Your Rights

You have the right to:
  • Request confirmation we process your personal data and to gain access to such data,
  • Correct any errors and supplement incomplete personal data,
  • Delete your personal data,
  • Limit the scope to which your personal data is being processed,
  • Transfer the data,
  • Object to our processing of your personal data,
  • File a complaint with the President of the Personal Data Protection Office,
  • Revoke your consent at any time (when data processing is based on your consent). Withdrawing your consent shall not affect the legality of any processing predating such withdrawal.

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