• We develop the best software for settlement of working time of drivers of transport companies
  • For 15 years we have used our knowledge, skills and experience to create products for you
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Our solutions are something you can be sure of - they are used by Polish Traffic Inspection Authority, Labour Inspection and 33 other inspection authorities from 15 EU countries

TachoScan® Control is a special version of the award-winning TachoScan® software designed for all inspection authorities checking transport companies to ensure proper settlement of working time of drivers.

TachoScan Control has so far been used by:

  • POLAND – Road Transport Inspectorate, National Labour Inspectorate, Border Guards, Customs Chamber, Police
  • GERMANY – Road Transport Inspectorate (BAG)
  • GREAT BRITAIN – Police, Driver and Vehicle Agency (DVA), DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency)
  • THE NETHERLANDS – Road Transport Inspectorate (ILT), Police
  • CZECH REPUBLIC– Police, Customs Chamber in Czech Republic, Voivodship Office
  • ESTONIA – Police, Labour Inspectorate,
  • ROMANIA– Road Transport Inspectorate ISCTR and ARR
  • LITHUANIA – Road Transport Inspectorate (VKTI), Labour Inspectorate, State Tax Inspectorate under the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania
  • LATVIA – Road Transport Inspectorate (Autotransporta inspekcija), Police, Riga City Council – Traffic Department
  • SLOVAKIA – Police
  • LUXEMBOURG – Customs Inspectorate (Administration des Douanes et Accises), Inspectorate of Labour and Mines
  • SLOVENIA – Police, Road Transport Inspectorate, Customs Chamber in Slovenia
  • MALTA – Road Transport Inspectorate
  • BELGIUM – Police
  • UKRAINE – State Service of Ukraine for Transport Safety (DSBT UkrTransBezpeka)


Software downloads, analyzing and archiving driver working time data.

Quick and error-free analysis of driver working time is essential for the proper operation of companies and enterprises in the transport and forwarding industry. In response to the growing demand for professional solutions in this field, we have developed innovative software for a comprehensive analysis of driver working time. High quality software for transport and forwarding companies is based on the vast knowledge and experience of Inelo employees. With the help of state-of-the-art TachoScan system, we enable the companies using it efficient downloading, archiving and comprehensive analysis of data from record sheets, driver cards and digital tachographs.

Latest changes:

  1. Changes in minimum wage in other countries
  2. Option to import abroad sections from all telematic systems (gps)
  3. New functions to calculate the minimum wage in Austria in accordance with the collective agreement for the transport of goods
  4. The possibility of selecting the driver professional qualification group with the relevant wages for drivers working in the territory of france
  5. New functions to calculate the minimum wage in Italy and the Netherlands
  6. New functions to calculate the minimum wage in Austria in accordance in accordance with the collective agreement for the transport of passengers

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  1. Automatic calculation of compensation for working time on German territory
  2. Change in regulations concerning issuing attestations

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  1. New infringement: “Card in tachograph during regular weekly rest period”
  2. In the “Download and validity deadlines” report, an option to generate a report for selected drivers or driver groups was added
  3. Generating reports in the background
  4. New report “Differences between tachograph and card data”
  5. Driver’s available working time
  6. A minute of work at the time of entering the country of starting/ finishing work
  7. Interactive reports

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Our knowledge is recognized throughout Europe – we participate in the work of the European Commission and CORTE, we train European inspection authorities.

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