2017.01.06 Piotr Pietrasina

Minimum wage in Austria

According to information provided by the ZMPD (Association of International Road Transport Carriers) and obtained from the Association of Austrian Transport Carriers (Fachverband für das Güterbeförderungsgewerbe Wirtschaftskammer Österreich), the minimum wage in Austria and other obligations related to the posting of workers, according to the new Austrian Law (Law on the prevention of wage and social dumping), which entered into force on 01.01.2017, shall apply to transport companies performing transport of goods and passenger transport, not only for cabotage transport, but also for two-way transport with loading/unloading in Austria. According to the information made available by the Central Coordinating Unit (Koordinationsstelle Zentrale für Finanzen des Bundesministeriums für die Kontrolle illegaler Beschäftigung) transport companies must fulfill the following obligations: 1. Before performing the first transport operation in Austria they must fill in and submit the appropriate electronic form „ZKO-3” of the Austrian Ministry of Finance (Bundesministerium für Finanzen) – >> link 2. Appoint a representative in Austria or indicate the person responsible for representing the company externally. Such person shall be indicated separately using electronic form ZKO1-A and a signed declaration of consent – form ZKO1-Z. 3. The driver must keep the following documents:
  • notification of posting ZKO 3 (also possible in electronic form)
  • proof of insurance A1 or equivalent documents in German
  • employment contract (in German or English)
  • payroll records including, among others, records of working time, pay slips, proof of payment of wages prepared in German
  • Detailed information on the procedures for the posting of workers are available at – link
In addition, as stated above, persons conducting independent economic activities do not need not be notified for posting, but they are required to submit a „notification of cross-border provision of services” addressed to the Austrian Ministry of Science, Research and Economy.  

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