2015.06.12 Piotr Pietrasina

TachoScan – new version is now available!

With proud and pleasure we inform you that the new version of TachoScan is now available for you.

The optimized version includes many new functionalities, like:

TachoScan 4.2.2.

  • New function with detailed information about driver’s available working time
  • New report “Differences between tachograph and card data” useful to indicate some potential manipulations

One minute of work at the time of entry the begin/finish country

TachoScan 4.2.3.

  • Possibility to calculate the working time throughout German territory due to the introduction of
    the minimum wage of 8,5 Eur/hour from 1 January 2015, in Germany
  • Changes according to the latest Regulation 165/2014 on attestations of activities

Find out now what has been changed in the system by clicking here

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